We support social unity and positive social change by strengthening our ability to work together.

Our football for development sessions are designed to teach varying techniques around enhancing communication skills and are delivered for many different target groups, our school children and workers in Qatar and vulnerable youth in partner countries.

Mediation in our methodology is especially relevant and when installing coaching practices, the role of our coaches or volunteers is to ensure communication and fair play is being adopted by our participants at all times.

Keep ball is an activity we use to enhance communication.

  • Arrange groups of 5 or 6 people into circles
  • Each team sends 1 player and a captain to another circle who will be responsible for winning the ball back
  • One person on the outside of the circle to act as captain to offer encouragement for their player in the middle
  • One ball per group and the players around the circle have to pass the ball to each other keeping it away from the player in the middle
  • Player in the middle tries to get the ball whilst the captain of his team is on the outside of the circle always encouraging his player in the middle

Our programme has had a positive impact on our young leadership in that 80% of our youth have demonstrated an improvement in leadership skills. We use unique leadership-enhancing techniques on the pitch to help all participants improve confidence and take charge when allocated team leader roles. Our ambassadors have learnt how to share their experiences with their peers and inspire others to come up with ideas on how to use football to address social challenges and ultimately use their life changing experience to promote football for development.

Football is a game that promotes teamwork, discipline, focus, camaraderie and sportsmanship. These values are integral to playing the sport and important in our everyday lives, whether it be at school, work or for our long-term development goals, and therefore when correctly nurtured, can have a positive impact on us.