Our Vision is to use football to transfer skills that empower a generation of changemakers and their communities. We also aspire to inspire a generation of young people actively supporting less privileged communities globally.

Our Mission is to harness the power of football and our privileged position as FIFA World Cup™ host to transform less fortunate communities, spreading the message of inclusion and driving social change.

Our unique methodology utilises football as a catalyst for social change, empowering and educating our current and future generations.


We operate in alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the Qatar National Vision 2030. We are passionate about empowering young leaders in Qatar, across the region, and the world to transform their communities through football. In partnership with others, we have created sustainable programmes designed to generate thrilling social development opportunities long after the final ball was kicked in 2022.

We've engaged communities in over 75 countries and reached more than 1 million people – from schools and communities in Qatar to overseas locations like Brazil, Russia, Jordan, Oman, Lebanon, Nepal, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Haiti, the UK, Syria, and Rwanda. As the programme expands, it aims to continually inspire and foster development.

The programme has built and refurbished 41 football pitches in areas afflicted by natural disasters, poverty, unemployment, violence, resource scarcity, and pervasive social issues, such as early marriage among girls. This endeavour aimed to instil and restore a sense of normality in the lives of affected young individuals. Since the programme's inception, we've also constructed seven Community Clubs to reinforce our mission.


Boasting a proud 13-year history, we've harnessed the power of football to foster social change globally. Our goal is to shape the upcoming generations to be more inclusive and cognisant of the need to protect and sustain the environment. Both locally and internationally, by collaborating with NGOs, football associations, clubs, and football-for-good foundations, and our founding organisation, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, our overarching vision is to support ongoing social development programmes, bolster grassroots football infrastructure, organise football-for-good festivals, and engage young changemakers, advocates, and youth ambassadors.

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