The GACC’s objective is to be a community-powered hub that supports youth and the wider community, including programmes for participants committed to social change. Our clubs are youth-led with the voice of young people influencing and powering the shared community agenda contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We recently launched a Community Club in Qatar, which serves as an open space for Football for Development sessions. We have trained teachers from schools all over Qatar, who are implementing the curriculum on their own students.

We will soon be launching a Community Club in Rwanda, which will accommodate adults and children from marginalized communities and rehabilitation centers. We aim to offer a range of sessions from practical life skills to Football for Development trainings that teach inclusion, leadership, gender equality and youth empowerment.

Our aim is to launch two more Community Clubs which will serve communities in India and the Philippines.

GA Community Club (GACC)
The GA Community Club is developed by the community for the community.

As part of a network of clubs worldwide, our GA Community Clubs are at the heart of transforming communities by learning and contributing to change through sport. With the backing of civil society, sport leaders, local government, business and other institutions, the clubs support driving sustainable development through and within a community that is both engaged and empowered.

GA Community Clubs are a safe space for all regardless of gender, age, race, ability or religion. The GA Community Club is a football for development ground and simultaneously a space for learning and social enterprise.

Clubs are a place of active participation for youth at all levels of the organisation - from management decisions to getting involved in activities so that youth can and will be part of the sustainable cohesive plan to ensure a community resource that strives towards core development objectives linked to social cohesion.