The primary objective of the GACC is to serve as a community-powered hub supporting both youth and the broader community. This includes programmes tailored for participants who are dedicated to instigating social change. Our clubs are youth-driven, with young voices significantly influencing and powering a shared community agenda that aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We recently opened a Community Club in Qatar, offering an expansive space for Football for Development sessions. Teachers from schools across Qatar have received training from us and are now passing on that curriculum to their students.

We are on the cusp of launching another Community Club in Rwanda, which will cater to adults and children from underserved communities and rehabilitation centres. Our goal is to provide a spectrum of sessions, from practical life skills to Football for Development trainings that promote values such as inclusion, leadership, gender equality, and youth empowerment.

Our vision encompasses the establishment of two additional Community Clubs that will benefit communities in India and the Philippines.

GA Community Club (GACC)
The GA Community Club is crafted by the community, for the community.

Being part of a global network of clubs, our GA Community Clubs play a pivotal role in the transformation of communities. They do this by assimilating learning and effecting change through sport. Bolstered by civil society, sports leaders, local government, business sectors, and other pivotal institutions, the clubs are dedicated to driving sustainable development in and through communities that are genuinely engaged and empowered.

GA Community Clubs stand as safe havens for all, irrespective of gender, age, race, ability, or religion. They function both as a football for development platform and a hub for learning and social enterprise. These clubs foster active youth participation at every organisational tier - from managerial decision-making to hands-on activity involvement. This ensures that the youth play an integral role in a sustainable, cohesive plan geared towards achieving core developmental goals centred on social cohesion.

Clubs are a place of active participation for youth at all levels of the organisation - from management decisions to getting involved in activities so that youth can and will be part of the sustainable cohesive plan to ensure a community resource that strives towards core development objectives linked to social cohesion.