The Generation Amazing Youth Festival 2022 introduced the first-ever international school exchange programme alongside the FIFA World Cup™️.

Schools from 32 participating nations engaged in a year-long exchange programme – GOAL 2022.

As part of this programme, students had the opportunity to participate in virtual educational workshops. These workshops focused on sport for development trainings, helping them to develop essential life skills and to address social issues prevalent in their communities. During the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™️, the festival welcomed these students to Doha for in-person physical trainings and tournaments, exclusively designed to implement their lessons from the programme.

This proved to be the largest edition of the Festival, promoting international cooperation and cultural understanding.


Themed "All In", the Generation Amazing Festival 2021 took place alongside the FIFA Arab Cup 2021™. It saw attendance from a diverse group of young leaders representing the nations participating in the tournament. Over four days, these participants enhanced their understanding of various topics: inclusion, youth leadership, gender equality, refugees and sports, mental health in sports, financial literacy, digital storytelling, and the transformative social impact of football.


The Generation Amazing Festival 2020 virtually united over 700 youth from more than 50 countries, celebrating the transformative power of football amidst the challenges of the global pandemic. The constraints set by the pandemic led to innovative approaches that expanded the reach to more youths across a broader range of countries, and attracted more strategic and content partners.


The inaugural Generation Amazing Festival coincided with the FIFA Club World Cup™. It convened 140 young leaders from 24 countries, including Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, India, the Philippines, Nepal, Italy, Belgium, the UK, and Brazil. The Festival aimed to engage and inspire the next generation through festive activities and a football tournament. Most crucially, it connected them with their peers from countries across Asia and the Middle East.



GA Youth Festival

GA Youth Festival

On the educational front, the festival imparts the fundamental principles of active citizenship using football and project management as mediums. Workshops guide young individuals on establishing social development initiatives centred on football facilities, events, and community outreach.

Celebrating young people

The festival serves as an exhilarating and invaluable experience for some of Generation Amazing’s brightest young leaders. This venture would not be possible without the unwavering support of our local and international partners.